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Città di Thiene

Provincia Vicenza - Regione del Veneto



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Manifestazioni e Eventi

Cities For Life - Contro la Pena di Morte


Venerdì 28 Novembre, ore 20:30 Auditorium Fonato. Incontro con i testimoni Sunny Jacobs & Peter Pringle sopravvissuti al braccio della morte. Dal 28 al 30 Novembre illuminazione simbolica con luci rosse della Fontana di Bacco e Arianna in Piazza A. Ferrarin


Thiene - Auditorium Fonato ore 20:30

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Cities for Life è un avvenimento mondiale annuale che ricorre ogni 30 Novembre, anniversario della prima abolizione della Pena di Morte in uno stato europeo: era il 1786 e il granduca di Toscana Pietro leopoldo firmò il codice Leopoldino preparato dal giurista Pompeo Neri; il Granducato di Toscana divenne così il primo territorio con la pena capitale abolita.

La manifestazione è organizzata dalla Comunità di Sant'Egidio e vi aderiscono molte città a livello mondiale che illuminano un proprio monumento in simbolo di opposizione alla pena di morte.

L'iniziativa promossa dalla Comunità di Sant'Egidioviene sostenuta da molte organizzazioni, associazioni, organizzazioni e chiese.

Molti sono anche i testimonial del mondo dello spettacolo, della politica, dello sport e della cultura.

Il monumento simbolo della giornata è il Colosseo di Roma.


Jacobs & Peter Pringle

Sonia ‘Sunny’ Jacobs and Peter Pringle each served years on death row—Jacobs 17 years in the United States and Pringle 15 years in Ireland. Both were exonerated after their convictions were overturned for murders that they did not commit. They attribute much of their strength and survival to the yoga and meditation practices they developed in prison. They met at an Amnesty International meeting while both publicly campaigning against the death penalty and soon fell in love. Their wedding in late 2011 was perhaps the first of its kind: the union of two exonerated death row inmates. Sunny and Peter are inspirational messagers against the death penalty; campaigning for human rights and for reminding us of the power of the human spirit to triumph over adversity, suffering and injustice. They live in the beautiful Connemara region in the west of Ireland and travel worldwide telling their story and shining a light for peace, justice and healing. They welcome your support.

Sonia ‘Sunny’ Jacobs (64)was sentenced to death at the age of 28 for the murder of two police officers in Florida. When she was imprisoned, her two young children were cast into the  foster care system. Nearly 17 years after her arrest, Sunny’s conviction was overturned on appeal. Her story, along with those of five other wrongfully convicted death row inmates, became The Exonerated, a play put on by the nonprofit theater, The Culture Project. Sunny is the author ofStolen Time: One Woman’s Inspiring Story as an Innocent Condemned to Death.
‘An extraordinary and inspirational story. Sunny Jacobs is a remarkable woman’ - Susan Sarandon, Actress

Peter Pringle (73) was accused of being one of three men who had murdered two police officers following a bank robbery in Ireland. After his conviction, he had been sentenced to be hanged. Just days before a noose was tied around his neck, Pringle learned that Ireland’s president had commuted his sentence to 40 years without parole. Pringle then immersed himself into legal books and effectively became a “jailhouse lawyer.” Serving as his own counsel, Pringle successfully pleaded his case, leading the Court of Criminal Appeal to quash his conviction. He is a human rights and anti-death penalty activist.







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